actual current


English-Chinese electricity dictionary (电气专业词典). 2013.

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  • actual current — naudingoji srovė statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. actual current; useful current vok. Nutzstrom, m rus. полезный ток, m pranc. courant utile, m …   Fizikos terminų žodynas

  • Current-to-voltage converter — In electronics, a transimpedance amplifier is an amplifier that converts current to voltage. Its input ideally has zero impedance, and the input signal is a current. Its output may have low impedance, or in high frequency applications, may be… …   Wikipedia

  • Current Contents — is a rapid alerting service database from the Institute for Scientific Information, now part of Thomson Reuters, that is published online and in several different printed subject sections. Contents 1 History 2 Current status 3 Editions …   Wikipedia

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  • actual — [adj1] truly existing, real absolute, authentic, categorical, certain, concrete, confirmed, definite, factual, for real*, genuine, hard, honest injun*, honest to God*, indisputable, indubitable, kosher*, physical, positive, realistic, substantial …   New thesaurus

  • actual — ► ADJECTIVE 1) existing in fact. 2) existing now; current: actual income. ORIGIN Latin actualis, from actus event, thing done …   English terms dictionary

  • actual */*/*/ — UK [ˈæktʃuəl] / US adjective Get it right: actual: Don t confuse actual with current or present. Actual is not used for referring to things that are happening now or that exist now. Use current or present to express these ideas: Wrong: The actual …   English dictionary

  • actual — ac|tu|al W2S1 [ˈæktʃuəl] adj [only before noun] [Date: 1300 1400; : Old French; Origin: actuel, from Late Latin actualis, from Latin actus; ACT1] 1.) used to emphasize that something is real or exact ▪ I m not joking. Those were his actual words …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • Current Yield — Annual income (interest or dividends) divided by the current price of the security. This measure looks at the current price of a bond instead of its face value and represents the return an investor would expect if he or she purchased the bond and …   Investment dictionary

  • Actual Policy Journal — Infobox Journal title = Actual Policy Journal discipline = Political science, International relations, Economy language = Armenian, Russian, English website = publisher = AP Editorial Board country = flag|Armenia abbreviation =… …   Wikipedia

  • current — Synonyms and related words: AC, Brownian movement, DC, Zeitgeist, a la mode, absorption current, accepted, accessible, accidental, accompanying, accustomed, active current, actual, ado, advance, advised, affirmed, affluence, afflux, affluxion,… …   Moby Thesaurus

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